Bamboowifi Wins Funding to Build Free N3rd Street Wi-Fi Network

November 23, 2015

Bamboowifi has been awarded a grant from the Penn Treaty Special Services District in Philadelphia for the expansion of its free Wi-Fi network into the N3rd Street tech corridor.

The $15,000 grant will fund the expansion of the Bamboowifi network from its current home in Liberty Lands Park in Northern Liberties into “N3rd Street,” Philadelphia’s officially recognized technology corridor running along North 3rd (“N3rd”) Street between Market Street and Girard Avenue.

Anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled device will be able to access the network free of charge once the build is complete. Bamboowifi is targeting spring 2016 to bring the N3rd Street Wi-Fi Network online.

The Penn Treaty Special Services District (PTSSD) is a non-profit, private foundation formed by volunteers from the four neighborhoods of Fishtown, Northern Liberties, Old Richmond and South Kensington. The PTSSD distributes grants and sponsorships to organizations that benefit the local community.

N3rd Street, home to a concentration of “nerdy” companies and spaces, represents a vibrant mix of local businesses and community members. By providing free Wi-Fi access to this melting pot of industries and interests, Bamboowifi will make a real, sustainable contribution to the local community, thus aligning with the PTSSD mission.

The Northern Liberties Neighborhood Association (NLNA), representing Northern Liberties, one of the core N3rd Street neighborhoods, co-sponsored Bamboowifi’s grant proposal to the PTSSD, demonstrating local support for the initiative.

Bamboowifi will use the funding to cover costs associated with the network build, including equipment, software, installation and marketing.

Bamboowifi sees the completion of the N3rd Street Wi-Fi Network as important not only for its business, but also as the start of a real, free internet service alternative in Philadelphia, and as a symbol of the local tech community.

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James Gregory
Cofounder & CMO
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